President Message


President Message

Krittaphong Group establish in 2005, which has many joint venture with big company such as: engineering, administration and management project, real estate, hotel, travel, consultant, project representative, red wood product, developing agriculture and etc, nowadays we are become the strong and complex enterprise in Laos.

8 ago, Krittaphong has many employee to develop Lao PDR, which be the recently open the country, we has developed our company strategy in each step, together develop with our partner who has join the business with us sincerely.  Moreover we are donated some fund to the public work, in order to return to kindness to society is our company target. Every step that we move forward, we are solidarity to past the difficulty issued by using our knowledgeable, it can see that we are honesty, friendship, sincerely and sympathetic, our endeavor make Krittaphong’s employee completed the mission.

Nowadays, Krittaphong has invested a lot of money into the construction of Landmark Riverside Hotel at Vientiane capital, moreover we had joint venture with CAMCE to establish the Vientiane New World Project which knew as the modern and important place located at the Mekong River bank, the total area is 500,000 square meters, beside that we has joint venture with CAMCE to construction the 50 ASEM Villas, in each Villa has area more than 1000 square meter, this place used to be the most important resident of Leader Head of 48 counties during the ASEM Meeting which hold at Lao PDR on November 2012. We has continued with CAMCE to take over the Donchan Palace Hotel which knew as the highest building and 5 stars hotel in Lao; we has joint venture with Youi Nan Company to construction the modern trade center which include the luxury shopping center and relaxation place, it has total area is 600,000 square meters, located at Vientiane Capital Center. Moreover we has the furniture factory which produce, sculpture and distribute the red wood style Krittaphong furniture, moreover we has constructed the biggest red wood furniture showroom in Lao PDR; we also joined with the National Vientiane Capital Game, construction of the International Wattay Airport, Luang Prabang Airport, invest in 5 start Hotel, continuing the Golf Club……

Government and Citizen are understudied how the benefit from our business effective to society, we are satisfaction that both government Lao-Chinese, enterprise, partnership are supported our business. I have the honor to say thank to land of Lao, our employees, friends, partnership, all Lao which had the kindness supported me, all the successfulness is from you, if you aren’t hard-working, industrious, it will haven’t have Krittaphong today. I would like to say thank you again, the reward of your hard-working bring me the successfulness to our business and i hope a lot that our company will have the various foreign companies come to joint venture with us to develop Laos, we will use our dedication, honesty, persistence and innovation, in order to show world that we are ready to move forward.

President of Krittaphong Group.